Our Work

Help us change the lives and build better futures for women and children living in poverty in Vietnam. Together with our sibling organisation Vietnam Foundation in Australia, we have been giving a helping hand through the following programs in Vietnam.

Recycled Bicycles Program

In many rural areas of Vietnam, the difficulties in getting to school can be the biggest barrier to education and a better future. Our Recycled Bikes Program helps overcome this barrier by providing children in remote communities with fully recycled bicycles to get to school.

Out of school hours, the bikes also enable their families to connect, to make essential trips to the health clinics or to the market.

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School Building and Renovation

We upgrade existing dilapidated and unsafe schools and build new ones in disadvantaged communities and villages in remote rural areas of Vietnam. New or renovated schools include new classrooms, toilets facilities and safe playground.

We engage and empower local communities by encouraging their participation at grassroot level, such as donating land, contributing manpower or making classroom furniture.

Pink coloured school building developed by Vietnam Foundation

Bridge Building Program

We build concrete bridges suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic to replace highly hazardous ‘monkey bridges’ made of tree trunks and wooden planks in remote and forgotten rural areas in Vietnam.

The new bridges help connect communities, and vastly improve safety and accessibility for women, children and the elderly.

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Rainwater Harvesting Program

Polluted and dirty water is one of the greatest causes of poor health and preventable diseases in remote rural areas of Vietnam. Women in these villages spend hours each day fetching water from communal wells.

We partner up with the local Charity Group Hiểu Và Thương (Understanding and Love) to source and distribute 1000-litre vats to villagers in these areas, at less than USD 50 each including transport and delivery. Your tax deductible monthly donation of $100 will greatly improve the health and well-being of 24 families a year, as well as promoting rain water harvesting in remote rural areas of Vietnam.

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Your donation has the potential to change the lives of many. With your help we can provide access to education, infrastructure and clean water, things that many take for granted but that are not easily available to many communities in Vietnam.